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Corona..for the better? An optimistic analysis

עודכן: 17 באפר׳ 2020

I have been using all my strength to write an optimistic post about the Corona. Between the media rush and my mother who is at the highest level of risk, I read, watch and hear about the "brand" (yes, it's a kind of a brand) trying to imagine how the hell this epidemic can be for the better? As an optimistic person, I believe that where there is darkness, there must also be light. The purpose of this post is to shed some light on more results and the tremendous potential that this epidemic can do to humanity. Here they are before you:

1. On the environment level: Less air pollution

And the winner is...EARTH

Congratulations, The biggest and first winner with the most immediate results is Earth.

No flights, no factories, no polluting industries, declining cars, declining fuel consumption, declining plastic waste and more.

There are many more people who die from air pollution a year than the Corona virus.

Breathe deep, the air now is a little cleaner.

Surprisingly or not, one of the most polluting places in the world is China. In a CNN article on

this link you can see satellite images taken by NASA showing the level of air pollution in China before and after the outbreak of the epidemic.

2. On the Social level



For those who are not in isolation: Notice that it is much easier for you now to see what is an illusion and what is important in your lives, what event to go out and what "doesn't feel right" , how it is actually possible to work from home and not go to work every day and how stress can raise your level of creativity thinking of solutions outside the box. Our conversations with everyone got a different angle, we're all partners now, all in the same boat in the face of the same fate. In such moments, there is more room for empathy to come out. This is an opportunity to refine our "what's important" muscle. The desire to please the outside has been replaced by the desire to keep inside, to do intimate things, with close friends or family.

lessons from my friends who are in isolation: they say they are taking the time to do arrangement they have been rejecting for years, from arranging wedding albums, clear their library or finally switch to the online world (and it's not that bad). Some have been sharing their daily life in detention, with the public in blog or Vlog.

3. On an economic level

The implications are still unknown, though it is quite clear that we are entering a global economic crisis.

however, there are also good things that can happen:

  1. have Tax rebates, VAT, property taxes, electricity cancelled or delayed for the time period.

  2. Adopt a unified country agreements to reduce costs globally (or even out)

  3. Establishing free local shipping services supported by the government and/or enterprises.

  4. Promoting and leveraging local businesses (that's exactly what happened in New York after the Sept. 11 events that helped the city get out of the crisis and that's what the Australian government is doing now)

  5. Solidarity: States must unite and make dramatic decisions, first and foremost, to work for economic solidarity at the global level. Test "out of the box" economic models, (I.e, an economic model called "Basic Income for All" ) and more specifically to promote sustainable agendas Like the circular economy method

  6. 1% HELP the 99% - utopia. when the world is in freeze, major economic forces can melt it. They just need to understand that the economy as it is - is broken. the B team, is an organization led by world leaders who want to change the economic models run today.

On the personal level

1. When there are no school and most of us work now from home, Its a big change. At first it is difficult, but humans tend to unite at times of crisis, suddenly we have more time to connect with our children, friends and our close community (in small groups or online).

2. it sounds funny, but maybe after not hugging and kissing for a while, we will appreciate more the impotence of touch and human connection, our emphatic potential will come in handy, reminding us we are the human kind.

3. Are we going to act as predatory animals or as a supportive global community?

Corona has ignited an important reminder for all of us - the situation is global, anyone can get sick regardless of religion, race or gender. It doesn't matter how much money you have or who you hang out with - all is equal, all is fragile. Corona is a virus with no hierarchy :-)

Check these two Google based mapping systems:

the first one shows the spread of the Virus:

The second is a map of aviation routes, where each point represents a connection to other countries .. Dozens if not hundreds of connectors showing the vast network we have been buidliding as humanity, for decades. Corona just shows us how inseparable we are.

On the spiritual level

Well this is at your discretion, what causes the appearance of the corona? for me, at this point, it doesn't matter anymore. Epidemics and extreme climate change have always been here. But this time it is different, the call for change is clear, the massage is written on the wall.

Until when will we worship the Gods of Economy at the expense of our water, land, and food resources?

In every religion or spiritual beliefs the present time is spoken of as the times of change.

There is enough food in the world yet it is not properly channeled, blood money and millions who are being manipulated so others will have more consumption opportunities.

Stress, worry, panic and anxiety are the results of our misconceptions about what will make us rich and happy.

Corona is also an opportunity to heal the globe.

Look, we are so interconnected, we have become so dependent on each other. Now the question is will we listen and act in the spirit of change or return to the same routine with complete disregard until the next epidemic?

The laws of nature on earth are simple, strive for balance (homeostasis) with humanity and nature and it will resonate back.

What are the conclusions?

The domino effect can move in two directions.

We can surrender to fear and spend our time and energy feeling helpless and totally dependent on "news feeds", or will we use it to flood the network with a good word, sound or act?

In times like this, our human capabilities to leverage the challenges comes in hand. each one with their super unique characteristics, this is an open call for everyone - Jump in, take a part in the change, ask yourself "what world do i want to see the day after?"

Artists - You have the power of imagination, think of a creative expression for what world you would like to see after the flood .. Ah the virus is passed :-).

Tech Savvy? it's time to take part in or start a social venture (it can be easily online right?)

Do you understand how politics works? Respond, suggest, apply change in important places.

Musicians, we need you to compose for us the tune of change.

Organizations: demonstrated solidarity

healers and spiritual people - pray, meditate, send love and light, join any "support line" to help people build resilience in times like that.

My biggest insight from corona is that: we all have a hand in it and we are all affected by it.

that's why we all can cure it.

"There is a crack in everything, this is how the light gets in". Leonard Cohen

Buy local, collaborate (from a distance) and don't forget to strengthen your immune system.

With love



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